The Restaurant

The Restaurant
Since 2005 Jeera has aimed to create a thriving well-established dining experience to work in and dine at. With the help of our brilliant staff and regular customers, Jeera offers a contemporary yet vibrant feeling to every visit.

Our founder, Mr Mohibur Rahman had designed Jeera, in the heart of Codnor, with the intention of creating modern interior style, relaxed atmosphere and a flow of traditional customs, in which the passion that was created continued to thrive with the atmospheric, vibrant outlook and passion from our family staff and loving customers.

The cuisine has been originated from Bangladesh and India, also with its own traditional dishes ranging from our award winning dish Chicken Jalali to our Mediterranean style cuisine Macher Biran with a hint of authentic Indian cookery and many more.

Our expert staff are ready at hand to welcome our customers, offer suggestions and help make the choice of dishes easier and suitable for you.

With positive ambience we make the night suitable for all of our customers, whether it’s a birthday party or a romantic meal for two – we are at our best to keep a smile on your face.

Jeera’s aim is to continue with our positive ambience, maintain an enviable reputation and continue our traditional customs for you to experience authentic Bangladeshi cuisine.


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